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What I Look for in a Candidate:

(Jay Gaines' excerpt from all three editions of John Sibbald's "The Career Makers," a recognized guide to senior-level recruiting)

We look first for performance. Individuals should be performing at or near the top of their peer group with a demonstrated record of substantive accomplishments relative to the needs of a particular client and assignment. Accomplishments must demonstrate initiative, staying power, and consistency. How well do individuals hold up under adversity? To what extent will they push for what they think is right? We want to know the individual's role and how difficult and important their accomplishments were.

Personal and professional integrity is important. We are most comfortable with individuals who have a well-developed sense of themselves. That includes understanding where they are today, why they have been successful in the past, recognizing situations in which they operate the best, and understanding the characteristics that differentiate them from their peers.

It also includes an ability to define and articulate a professional value system - what one wants to achieve, the rewards that are meaningful, and how they generally go about achieving it. We look for the accompanying sense of confidence and consistency in how they would approach any situation. We place an extremely high premium on thoughtfulness and insight. We look for and value in-depth professional functional expertise combined with the instincts that come with seasoning and successful experience.

We seek out a work ethic and commitment level that is substantially higher than the norm. However, we value the individual who has successfully managed his or her career along with their personal life. We want someone who ideally can bring an additional dimension and add substantial value to our client organization. Can the individual lead our clients and take them substantially further over time than where they are today? We want that person to deliver and be counted on over a long period of time.