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  • BusinessWeek's Top 50 World's Most Influential Headhunters

  • Ranked in Top 10 financial services executive search firms by The Economist Intelligence Unit
    • Recognized as best in class in Operations (Americas) and Technology/IT (Americas)
    • Excerpted from "Executive Recruitment and Search in Financial Services" published in Mar 2000.

      Table 4.2, The Most Highly Rated Executive Search Firms in Financial Services

      RankName of Firm
      1.The Whitney Group
      2.The Highland Group
      3.Russell Reynolds Associates
      4.Korn/Ferry International
      5.Heidrick & Struggles
      6.Baines Gwinner
      7.Jay Gaines & Company
      8.Choi & Burns
      9.DDJ Meyers
      10.Spencer Stuart

  • International Association of Corporate and Professional Recruitment Survey: Leaders in Executive Recruitment and Retention
    • In a 2000 survey of Human Resources Executives and Search Consultants performed by the International Association of Corporate and Professional Recruitment, Jay Gaines & Company was recognized as a top search firm, mentioned by name in survey responses.

      The survey was conducted to compare the impressions and opinions of Human Resources executives and Search Consultants on the topics and issues of retained executive search. The findings were reported in an IACPR presentation at FutureQuest 2000 entitled Chaos vs. Structure: Executive Talent Rules in the 21st Century.

      Jay Gaines & Company was among the five large firms and 27 smaller organizations cited by survey respondents as top search firms.

      The survey addressed themes including search firm standards, search performance and effectiveness, trends in recruitment, compensation, and growth, serving to spotlight the general opinions of the two groups.

  • Global 200 Executive Recruiters
    • Excerpted from "The Global 200 Executive Recruiters"(Americas)

      Date of Birth:April 18, 1947
      Nationality:U.S. Citizen - Grew up in Oceanside, Long Island, New York
      Education B.A. in Psychology from George Washington University
      M.S. in Industrial Psychology from Columbia University
      Career HighlightsHaving achieved significant and measurable impact on such industry leaders as Morgan Stanley, McGraw-Hill, Fidelity, Reuters, and others by building successful senior management teams and making the external recruiting process an exciting, winning proposition.
      One highlight that led to the long-term team building of our general management practice in the information industry was the 1990 landmark search for the CEO of EJV.
      Geographic Scope:U.S. and Europe (primarily U.K.)
      Industry Specialization:Financial Services, Information and Publishing, Information Technology, Software, and Consulting.
      Favorite Historical Model/Mentor:Abraham Lincoln - he held to a vision, was smart and had integrity.
      Most Important Issue in Conducting a High Level Search:Grasp!! Striving for long-term success and integration of the individual into the new culture. This often is an illusive, always difficult goal. It requires a deep understanding of what works from a cultural, psychological/attitudinal and experiential dimension. While there may be many benefits in hiring a key individual for the short-term, we believe striving for success beyond the three year mark is really the critical benchmark and a very tough one to achieve.
      Most Significant Other Aspect of Personal or Professional Life:Balancing family life which often is sacrificed in the intense pursuit of search. Additionally, I am organizing materials to write a book and speak out on careers and corporate life success and failure.
      Best Preparation for Being a Successful Recruiter:My view is that the recruiting profession both internally and externally is not as strong as it should be. Few people proactively plan their careers to be recruiters and there are many different paths individuals follow to become recruiters. The typical common denominators are people and relationship skills, selling skills, assessment skills, etc.
      In our firm we value those skills but we value rigorous analytic thinking above all. The training and preparation may come from people in analytically intensive disciplines such as finance, consulting, and portfolio management. Preparation begins with an education that is intellectually challenging and difficult; experience in a profession where selection and promotion is based on rigorous systematic and analytic approaches and performance ideally is tracked to some form of benchmark. We also strive to inculcate a global mindset and a set of standards in the pursuit of most assignments. We pick individuals with some of those characteristics and develop them internally over a longstanding period of time.
      Other Occupations if Not an Executive Recruiter:The field of industrial psychology with particular emphasis in career counseling and management development has always been of tremendous interest. We consistently incorporate these theories into our executive recruiting program.
      Great Client Characteristics:The characteristics of a great client are as follows:
      • The client has a dream or vision which he or she is committed to and can effectively articulate and convey to all around.
      • The client recognizes the criticality of the recruitment process. Beyond committing the necessary time and resources, puts a deep personal stake in making the effort successful.
      • The individual understands the risks inherent in the recruiting and selection process, knows how to minimize them, but at the end of the effort understands, accepts and manages the risks in bringing someone into a new organization.
      • The individual creates a management climate that maximizes the chances for the individual's success. The environment stresses integrity, growth and development and minimizes counterproductive dynamics.

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  • John Sibbald's "The Career Makers"
    • Jay Gaines & Company is recognized and ranked in all three editions of John Sibbald's "The Career Makers". Specifically, the firm received consistent high rankings in all three editions for MIS/Computer Operations:

      1990 - MIS/Computer Operations

      • 1. Jay Gaines, Jay Gaines & Company, Inc., New York
      • 2. George W. Henn, Jr., G.W. Henn & Company, Columbus, OH
      • 3. Robert W. Slater, Korn/Ferry International, Dallas
      • 4. Gary R. Barton, Barton Raben, Inc., Houston
      • 5. Jacques C. Nordeman, Nordeman Grimm, Inc., New York
      • 6. Mary E. Shourds, Houze, Shourds & Montgomery, Inc., Long Beach, CA
      • 7. Nancy Kiethley, Ernst & Young, Cleveland
      • 8. J. Daniel Ford, Kieffer, Ford & Associates, Ltd., Oak Brook, IL
      • 9. Joseph B. Ryan, The Cambridge Group Ltd., Westport, CT
      • 10. Richard Sbarbaro, Lauer, Sbarbaro Associates, Inc., Chicago

      1992 - MIS/Computer Operations

      • 1. Jay Gaines, Jay Gaines & Company, Inc., New York
      • 2. Mary E. Shourds, Houze, Shourds & Montgomery Inc., Long Beach, CA
      • 3. George W. Henn, Jr., G.W. Henn & Company, Columbus, OH
      • 4. Ronald G. Goerss, Smith, Goerss & Ferneborg, Inc., San Francisco
      • 5. David M. DeWilde, Chartwell Partners, San Francisco
      • 6. James Morice, Mirtz Morice Inc., Stamford, CT
      • 7. Robert Slater, Slater & Associates, Dallas
      • 8. David Hoffmann, DHR International, Chicago
      • 9. George W. Ott, Ott & Hansen Inc., Pasadena, CA
      • 10. Norman C. Roberts, Norman Roberts & Associates, Inc., Los Angeles

      1995 - MIS/Computer Operations

      • 1. Mary E. Shourds, Houze, Shourds & Montgomery, Inc., Long Beach, CA
      • 2. David A. Bueschel, Shepherd Bueschel & Provus, Inc., Chicago
      • 3. Jay Gaines, Jay Gaines & Company, Inc., New York
      • 4. Theodore B. Martin, Jr., Nordemann Grimm, Inc., Chicago
      • 5. Patricia L. Sawyer, Smith & Sawyer, Inc., New York
      • 6. Norman D. Sanders, Norm Sanders Associates, Hazlet, NJ
      • 7. David Palmlund, Lamalie Amrop International, Dallas
      • 8. Peter R. Schmidt, Boyden, Morristown, NJ
      • 9. Jack L. Groban, A.T. Kearney Executive Search, Los Angeles
      • 10. David O. Harbert, Sweeney Harbert & Mummert, Inc., Tampa, FL

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