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Partnering with Jay Gaines & Company

We have the utmost respect for Jay Gaines & Company, since you found one of the most truly successful executive we’ve ever hired at our firm. - Global Head of HR, Leading Management Consulting Firm

The search experience with you was probably the most pleasant and satisfying I have ever been involved in. You and your colleagues understood the subject matter and its critical issues, and gave me the impression that you truly cared. - Business Unit CEO at an Insurance Company

Jay Gaines & Co. has been a partner of ours for five years. They have a great track record with us regarding both completion of searches and retention of all their placements. They work very well with our business leaders, have a very good eye for hiring in alignment to our organization and provide all the recruiting process support we require. - Head of Recruitment, Premier Global Investment Management Firm

Your firm continues to work on searches until the exact right candidate is found. The level of detail and analysis is much more in-depth than any other search firm. You are not afraid to take on the toughest searches. You tailor your approach to meet our needs. Every search receives intensely personal attention and interest in the success of our business. I love your honesty and ability to really “get it” and 99% of the time “get it” so right. - Member of Recruitment Team, Large Financial Institution

Everyone knows headhunting is not easy. Finding the right person always involves odds that can easily lead to failure, but you have beaten the odds again! - Chairman & CEO, Top Mutual Fund Complex

I would like to express my appreciation to all of you for the effort in recruiting this candidate. I think we learned a number of things, and all of you worked very sincerely and hard in getting the right person. In particular, I think we were blown away by the manner in which we closed the deal. - Business Unit CEO, Top Securities Processing Organization

You really understand the need beyond the spec, good grasp of unspoken nuances and you tailor your assessment to evaluate those things. You are also high touch (you’re not five layers removed from the work being generated for this search) and consultative (you won't shy away from being direct and advising internal/recruiting and the hiring manager). - Recruiting Team Partner, Leading Hedge Fund

I will always remember your advice, the calm and cool tenor you maintained on this journey. - VP, Operations and Technology, HR, Top Five Insurance Company

Your quick understanding of the role and the fact that you folks “got it” quickly and found candidates that matched was the key! From that point on we all worked together to get it done!! I look forward to working together soon!!! - Head of Recruiting, Premiere Bank Regulator

Candidate Assessment

Your candidate assessment and vetting process is far deeper than any other partner I’ve seen. You get down to the psychology of the person and you don’t ignore any data points. You go outside the box and not just marginally. You push our thinking on the culture, the design of the positions, and have a calm influencing way with which you operate. Your real time transparency and updates convey your commitment to the engagement and instill a level of confidence. - Recruiting Team Partner, Leading Hedge Fund

I have so enjoyed getting to know [our hired candidate]. I feel like she and I have been friends for a long time. I very much value her experience and perspective. A great hire for [our firm]. Thank you for bringing her to us. - Controller, Premiere Global Investment Management Firm