Candidate Assessment

Beyond Requirements

Assessment is fundamental to creating a long-term successful match.

Our Candidate Assessment process is deep and interactive in close partnership with our clients throughout the search.
The process begins with an in-depth understanding of the needs of the role, the broader organization, and firm culture.

Culture fit with regard to values and integrity is imperative. However, on style, thinking, approach, etc., we encourage clients to seek an optimal level of tension. Growth comes from challenge; too much of the same will not move an organization forward.

We urge clients to take interviews to a deeper level. Create a dialogue that penetrates to the essence of the individual’s abilities and values; how she or he might perform in a new and different environment and culture.

Clients and candidates find challenge and candor refreshing and respond well to a perceptive, hard-hitting, and thoughtful exchange.

Discussing potential negatives should not scare off clients or candidates. On the contrary, it often adds credibility, is appreciated, and fosters a more honest dialogue.

Our work has produced many respected industry leaders.

Often our hired candidates progress and remain with their hiring organizations for significant periods of time if not for decades.