What Makes Jay Gaines & Company Different?

Now approaching our fourth decade, we believe our firm is differentiated by our cumulative body of work, our teaming approach, and the insights we've gained into what creates a meaningful long-term match.

Over the years, our firm has built 20+year relationships with world-class global firms.  We routinely support the growth and evolution of industry leaders and innovators.

Our teaming approach is essential to our success.  Each search is addressed by a team of senior consultants, each providing complementary strengths to the search.  This teaming enables us to engage and respond to clients early with comprehensive market intelligence and extraordinary coverage and access.

We strive to make the search experience productive for all, including those candidates not selected. We often develop life-long relationships with candidates by providing candid and valuable feedback as well as ongoing career advice.

We are viewed as a trusted partner by our clients as a result of the insight and challenge we bring to the search process and the caliber of the individuals we introduce to their leadership teams.

Our work has produced many respected industry leaders.

Jay Gaines and Company