Creating an Inclusive Culture

Diverse organizations routinely outperform their less-diverse competitors.  Diversity fosters improved profitability, innovation, and decision making.  It leads to better hiring and reduced turnover, enhanced employee engagement, and a stronger company reputation.

Jay Gaines & Company supports and shares our clients’ dedication to building and fostering diverse leadership teams and organizations.

Our commitment on every search assignment is to identify and present a broad slate of candidates that represents gender, racial, and ethnic diversity as well as offering diversity of thought, experience, and approach.

Over the last 10 years, our candidate slates have been on average approximately 40% diverse and approximately 37% of the individuals hired were diverse candidates. (Diverse being defined as gender, racial, and ethnic diversity.)

We are proud to be a diverse organization ourselves.  We believe that our makeup and teaming provide us with access to diverse pools of talent and strengthens our performance on this dimension.

Jay Gaines and Company